Synology DS209+ uPNP Re-indexing media files (fixed)

After contacting Synology support they confirmed that this is a known bug and they logged into the system and now after going into the management interface and clicking “Re-index” it has worked.  I can once again see the media files via the uPNP & the PS3.

Waiting to hear back from the support team what the problem was and how it can be fixed in the future without having to contact them.

It appears to be with the postgresql database server, which, for some reason was killed shortly after poweron:

Apr  2 17:29:27 kernel: Out of memory: kill process 2320 (postgres) score 17669 or a child
Apr  2 17:29:27 kernel: Killed process 2323 (postgres)

Then the index daemon had similar issues:

Apr  2 17:30:45 kernel: Out of memory: kill process 2490 (synoindexd) score 6426 or a child
Apr  2 17:30:45 kernel: Killed process 2490 (synoindexd)
Apr  2 18:16:34 dms: pgsql.c (133) Failed to re-connect to (null), user: admin, db:mediaserver. (could not connect to server: No such file or directory ^IIs the server running locally and accepting ^Iconnections on Unix domain socket “/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432”? )

I hope Synology support can suggest a fix for the future, or, firmware update.

In the below forum posts there are two suggestions on how to possibly fix the problem.  The suggestion of moving the files, disabling upnp, re-enabling and moving the files back sounds like the better solution, but, I haven’t tested either yet as Synology appears to have fixed the issue on my machine.

Update:  It turns out that a media file was causing the indexing process of the ds209+ to use a lot of memory and crash… causing the ds209+ not to display any media via uPNP.  The media was renamed and machine rebooted and then it re-indexed fine.


5 thoughts on “Synology DS209+ uPNP Re-indexing media files (fixed)”

  1. Are you familiar with logging into the system with SSH/telnet? If so, maybe check if synoindexd and postfix/mysql are running with “ps auxw”.

    I wonder if either of those have crashed? Running “dmesg” may also provide you with some hints. ie. crashing services etc.

  2. Ooops, yeah, I meant postgres. :/ Well, at least the database server is running. Is synoindexd running? I believe there is an option in the control panel to enable the automatic indexing, which, should be ticked. Is that ticked?

    It has been a while since I had the issue, but, I think when I had an issue I noticed synoindexd not running, but, clicking “index now” in the control panel started the indexing. For me the synoindexd was crashing due to a malformed avi/m2ts file.

  3. Thanks for you help. I can’t however find the option you mention and the processes are running.

    I don’t want to have to reindex everytime I add a file 😉

    I’ll contact synology for support.

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