YUM groups

Oooops, installed too many of the groups during initial GUI installation for a server.

[root@host~]# yum grouplist

Administration Tools
System Tools
Text-based Internet
GNOME Desktop Environment
Authoring and Publishing
Network Servers
Hardware Support
X Window System
Web Server
Printing Support
Mail Server
Server Configuration Tools
Graphical Internet

Time to remove some of the rubish:

[root@host~]# yum groupremove ‘Office/Productivity’ ‘GNOME Desktop Environment’ ‘Authoring and Publishing’ ‘X Window System’ ‘Graphics’ ‘Printing Support’ ‘Graphical Internet’
…. pages of stuff ….
Transaction Summary
Install 0 Package(s)
Update 0 Package(s)
Remove 226 Package(s)
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
Running Transaction Test

Done. Some other commands that maybe useful:

  • groupinstall group1 [group2] […]
  • groupupdate group1 [group2] […]
  • grouplist [hidden]
  • groupremove group1 [group2] […]
  • groupinfo group1 […]

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