Plesk 8.3 on Ubuntu main IP change

I needed to change a machine primary IP from one network to another… Not knowing that Plesk 8.3 has a specific way of changing IPs on a machine I manually updated the /etc/network/interfaces file with the systems new IP address details. Infact, probably best that I changed this file manually as Plesk doesn’t appear to have any knowledge of default gateways, so, if I followed the article below I probably would have a machine with an IP address in a different network to the default gateway:

So probably best to update the IP address manually and follow below:

Once I change the machine into the new network with it’s new IP & default gateway I thought I’d be able to login to Plesk and click on Server->IP Addresses and just refresh for it to pickup the new IP. Instead, when I clicked repair it added the new IP address and left the old one as well… it added the old one as an alias on the machine. I was not able to select the IP in the IP address management area so I couldn’t delete it.

The follow article made it possible for me to delete the IP address from within the CP:

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