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Starting the Vertical Jump Bible (Higher-Faster-Sports) by Kelly Baggett to try and get some hops.  Unfortunately due to a previous knee injury (Grade 2 ACL) I’ll be skipping a number of exercises initially and extending the program stages. and adding some other exercises for balance and general strength.  Also, consulted a personal trainer to help with form when lifting weights and other exercises.

The novice weights program is designed for a beginner, or, someone who has less than 1 year constant weight training experience.  The program will look like:

  • Monday: Rest?
  • Tuesday: Lower body workout #1
  • Wednesday: Balance/Upper body/Core
  • Thursday: Balance/Upper body/Core
  • Friday: Lower body workout #2
  • Saturday: Rest?
  • Sunday: Basketball

Obviously depends on other commitments, but, will be keeping at least 2 days between each lower body workout.

PHASE 1 (Weeks 1-3 … will be extending this to 6 weeks)

Work out 1:

  • Squat ( 3×10 ) @ 50kg
  • Leg curl (3×8) @ 39kg.  1 second up, 1 second hold, 8 second down
  • Calf raise (3×20)

Work out 2:

  • Dead lift ( 3×8 ) @ Low weight to get form correct
  • Barbell lunge (3 x 8 per leg) @ 10-15kg
  • 1-legged calf raise (3 x 20) holding dumbell

To track results over the first 6 weeks the vertical leap was measured.
Date: 31/01/2009
Weight: 94.5kg
1 Rep Max Squat: Skipped
1 Rep Max Deadlift: Skipped
Vertical leap (no step, no arm movement):

  1. 24″
  2. 24″
  3. 25.5″

In 1995 my vertical was about 32″, so, I was fairly pleased not to have lost too much after years of couch potatoe exercises.


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