Plesk 9.2.1 for Linux Acronis module bug

You would never believe it,  a bug in the Plesk control panel.  When trying to backup via the Acronis module in Plesk it backs up about 100MB of data and then stops… however, if you run a full backup from the command line like:

> trueimagecmd –create –partition:1-3 –progress:on –filename:/mnt/backup/root.full.01.06.2009.tib

it works fine.

Turns out it’s a bug in Plesk 9.0, which, is meant to be fixed after Plesk 9.2.  The fix can be found at:

Wouldn’t things be boring if they didn’t keep us on our toes like this.

Plesk 9 Linux, Acronis module bug

When you upgrade Plesk expect bugs… this one was slightly annoying but not critical.  Going to the modules area and clicking on the Acronis management module it would display a black page.  Plesk developers released a fix a few weeks after discovery:



Please try the solution:
1. download plesk9_patch_148887.tar.gz with updated modules
2. extract archive

cd $psa_root
tar -zxvf $psa_root/plesk9_patch_148887.tar.gz