Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising not the game people had hoped

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was recently released but appears not the game people had hoped.  Many fans of the original military simulator Operation Flashpoint, developed by Bohemia Interactive and published by codemasters, flocked to get their hands on the newly released game.  Codemasters decided to release this game themselves and got rid of Bohemia Interactive.

Unfortunately it appears that the latest game has fallen down in many ways.  The release of the game without any dedicated server software has annoyed most PC gamers as Codemasters has chosen to go with the console style P2P connectivity which has many PC games complaining of lag, or, the system not working at all.

Many PC gamers are also complaining that they have managed to play multiplayer games, however, it appears that many people on multiplayer have downloaded the game for free due to no copy protection… another hint that the game was developed for consoles primarily.

Hopefully Codemasters release a patch soon to resolve all the bugs in this that has good potential.  Hardcore Operation Flashpoint fans might wish to check out the Arma line of games from Bohemia Interactive.