Correct form equals no pain

Second week of the VJB program and I’ve worked out that even if my knees are feeling a bit tired/wobbly after Sunday night bball I can still do squats without the knees hurting.

Correct form reduces any aches.  The following appears to work for me whilst doing squats with assistance of the smith machine:

  • Position yourself under the bar so that the heals of your foot are below the bar.  Feet facing forward.
  • For me, it’s most comfortable if my feet are slightly less than shoulder width apart
  • Get comfortable before lifting any weights.  Repositioning the feet under weight it may hurt the knee.
  • The weight of the bar should go across the fleshy part of the shoulder/lower neck.  The bar rolls nicely into position when unlocking the bar (smith machine)
  • Gently squat down (not going too deep at the moment until strength is built up) whilst the weight goes through the heals and the glute is pushed out
  • Keep the core tight and back straight
  • Accelerate as fast as possible straight up (NOT elevating into calf raise – stay on heals of foot)

Obviously a personal trainer can instruct better on correct form, but, above works well for me.