Buggy Plesk 8.3 migration manager (migration tool)

As SwSoft, now known as Parallels, introduced an end of life policy for supporting old OSes I’ve had to migrate a number of Fedora Core machines to Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. The best way of doing this is via the migration manager from the new Plesk node. However, the migration manager will copy everything over, but, due to a bug in their code it doesn’t copy over auto_increment options in the databases. This obviously causes major issues with databases that use auto_increment that are migrated over.

The option about Mysql compatibility with the older versions was defined in Plesk Migration manager, the file is /opt/psa/PMM/agents/shared/Db/MysqlShellBackend.pm.
I have commented out the values:
root at hostname:~# cat /opt/psa/PMM/agents/shared/Db/MysqlShellBackend.pm | grep compatible
# $self->{not_compatible_mysql_323} = $params{not_compatible_mysql_323} if defined $params{not_compatible_mysql_323};
# $dumpoptions .= ” –compatible=mysql323 ” if !$self->{not_compatible_mysql_323} && $self->_mysql41OrNewer();

Comment out those two lines and Plesk database migrations should work alright.

NOTE: This should be fixed in newer Plesk 8.3 releases