Windows VE/CT EFD mount/check

Was having a problem with a Windows Virtuozzo VE/CT and needed to check the VE/CT virtual disk for file system corruption.


Commands issued to check the virtual disk file for errors:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>vzcfgt get 100 GUID

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>vzdskctl mount d:\vz\private\100\root.ef
d {A88D866B-0382-47FC-9BFB-37056F286745}

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>chkdsk /f \\?\Volume{A88D866B-0382-47FC-

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>vzdskctl umount {A88D866B-0382-47FC-9BFB

Whilst the virtual disk is mounted you can browser the file system in VZDRIVE:\vz\private\100\root

Virtuozzo for Linux VE/CT was locked for some reason and couldn’t start it

A VE/CT on Linux started and then stopped mysteriously. I couldn’t manually restart it with vzctl start 101. The following URL showed how to determine which PID had locked the VE/CT:


In this case running cat /vz/lock/101.lck showed that vzquota was recalculating the quota for the virtual environment.