Parallels Plesk 9.2 for Linux Acronis installation bug

If you follow the instructions for applying the acronis key file via the Plesk 9.2 control panel you run into a bug where acronis just won’t work due to key file missing.  This is a known bug to Parallels and will be eventually fixed.

The following URL discussed the work around solution until they fix it in their code:



Installed via the Plesk control panel as per instructions:…nuxInstall.pdf

It says:

There are two types of licenses:
• Acronis True Image for Plesk licenses
• Acronis True Image licenses (standalone)
The Acronis for Plesk licenses can be installed directly via Plesk Control Panel as additional Key.
Plesk will automatically update the expiration date of the license as it does it for the Plesk license.
Note: Make sure to define the Acronis license directory as /etc/Acronis/TrueImage/ during installation
in this case. Plesk will place the Acronis license to /etc/Acronis/TrueImage/key.plk.”

But, it’s not placed the key.plk file there.

The resolution to the problem, incase someone else has it and doesn’t want to get charged for support:

Thank you very much for letting us know. This problem is a known one, it is that Acronis license key is not put to file system if directory /etc/Acronis/TrueImage already exists. The problem will be fixed in future update of Parallels Plesk Panel. Please watch our website for announcements about new updates.

To resolve the problem on your server I remove directory /etc/Acronis/TrueImage (renamed it to TrueImage.old) and installed the license key through Parallels Plesk Panel anew: License Management -> Additional Keys -> Upload Key.


One thought on “Parallels Plesk 9.2 for Linux Acronis installation bug”

  1. They forgot to mention… removing this directory also removes a file telling the software were to look for the key.. running a trueimagecmd command with this setup produces:

    # trueimagecmd –list
    can’t open file /key.plk, error code = 262161
    Can not find a proper license or have no permissions to read key file
    Serial number is incorrect.

    Fix with:
    # cp /etc/Acronis/TrueImage.old/.plesk_key_dir /etc/Acronis/TrueImage

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