Plesk 8.6 for Linux change owner bug

Plesk 8.6 for Linux running on Ubuntu 8.04 appears to have a bug in it that stops you from changing the owner of a domain, if, the number of clients are over 25 (default value).

How to reproduce:

Make sure that you have over 25 clients setup, otherwise, it will work fine.  Make sure that the client account you want to move the domain into is not at the start of the alphabet, otherwise, it will work.

The default number of clients displayed is 25, leave it at this in the clients area.

1/ Goto the domains list and select the ticket box next to the domain you want to move into another account.

2/ Click on the “Change Owner” button.  You are presented with the first 25 client accounts.  You must try and select a client account past the 25th account.

3/ Either:

a/ Try to change: “Number of entries per page” from 25 to any other value
b/ Try to select any of the other pages OR the LAST page

Doing so returns: Error: Please select the new owner for this domain.

There is no way to select a client past the first 25 listed.

Work around:

In the Plesk control panel click on “Clients” first.  Then select “ALL”. Once you go back to the Domains->Change Owner option, all clients will be listed.

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