Vertical jump exercises start of week 9

I have read through the Vertical Jump Bible ( ) and I have been loosely following the novice strength program for 8 weeks with modifications.  I am a few weeks behind on the program as I wanted to take my time on the first phase and build up some strength before progressing to the next phases.

I have now completed Phase I (weeks 1 – 5), Phase II (weeks 6 – 8 ) and just starting Phase III now.

Tonight was work out A and completed:

  • Squat: 1 x 6 @ 80kg and 3 x 6 @ 90kg
  • 1 and 1/3 squats: 2 x 8 @ 70kg
  • Leg curls (quick up, hold 2 sec, down over 8 seconds): 4 x 6 @ 56kg
  • Calf raises: 3 x 20

The 1 and 1/3 squats were extremely difficult and took about 10-15 minutes to recover… in fact, I felt light headed after doing those.

From week one I’ve seen the following increases over the 8 weeks:

  • Squats: 50kg/60kg -> 90kg (33% increase… 4% per week)
  • Leg curls with delays: 39kg -> 56kg (30% increase… 3.75% per week)

I’ve read some sites that say with squats you can expect to see 5% weekly increases, so, I’m very happy with 4% over the weeks.

Although very happy with the weight increases, testing the vertical leap at the end of week 5 showed less than an inch increase.  Going to test the vertical again Friday and start introducing the beginner plyometrics exercises into the program over the coming week.