Exercises after collar bone break

Collar bone break was around the 30th of September 2008.  Arm was in a sling for a bit over 3 weeks and then started doing general movements, but, was still very painful.  It wasn’t until week 6-7 that I started doing some strength exercises after discussing with the physio.

Early exercise prescription (~ 25/11/2008 ):

  • Raise (to above head) and lower arms
  • Both hands on gym ball against the wall.  Slowly move around on wall.
  • Stretch
  1. arm behind back, gently manoeuvre head with other hand in opposite direction)… should feel in upper trap
  2. pecs.. extend arm against the wall, turn body until feeling a stretch in the pecs.

Exercise prescription date:  5/12/08

  • Seated row – single or double (blue band)
  • Lat pull downs (front of body)
  • Weight bearing forward & back, side to side (kitchen bench/bed etc)
  • Diagonal arm raise with yellow band
  • Rotations with blue band.  Left/right
  • Stretch pecs and upper traps

Exercise prescription date:  15/12/08

  •  DB bench press ~ 7kg.  3×6 then later 3×12
  • Lat pull down
  • Seated row (Gym)
  • Weight shift in press up position on bench/bed
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Flys
  • Basketball drills (Bouncing ball, passing ball against wall, close range shooting)
  • Rotator cuff, elbows @ 90 degrees

Exercise prescription date: 22/12/2008

  • Wall press up (3×8)
  • Rotations @ 90 degrees(Pulling in & pulling out) 3 x12 each way
  • Arm lifts lying on stomach, arms out (thumbs up and thumbs down), arms in a Y shape and W shape.  10 each, 40 total.

Exercise prescription:

  • Push ups ( 5×3 ) – Can only do 3×3 at the moment
  • Seated Rows
  • Lat pull downs
  • Triceps and Biceps